My first vlog

After many months or probably years about vlogging, I have finally posted my first vlog. It took me a while to start blogging but I loved it, and I guess vlogging will be equally satisfying.

This vlog is in the form of a review of the Vivitar Three Piece Filter Kit. It contains some, really cost effective and useful kit for photographers and videos with an eye on the bottom line and their return on investment.

You can check it out the vlog I posted on Youtube below.

I intend to do a lot more and put both my photography and video production skills to good use in developing my skills, creating my own content and sharing my knowledge with other photography and video production amateurs, advanced enthusiasts and pros.

If you are on Youtube, please subscribe and support. Hopefully we will link up and have some constructive engagements, debates and who knows, we might even collaborate in one way or another.

I am pretty excited about the direction I am taking as it allows me to put all my interests and skills and hobbies to good use.

I have been away for a while but I am back, and you will see a lot more of me and hear more from me about my progress, my projects and all.



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