Picture of a squirrel in a tree's branches eating berries. Photo by 4toconvert

Squirrels Mad About Conkers

For ages, I always imagined squirrels were mad about nuts. That was until I stumbled on these squirrels in my local park who were mad about conkers.

I was taking photos and I had my camcorder the JVC Everio GZ-HM400EK with me and I decided to film them because I was having problems taking photos of them because they were not staying in one position for very long.

It was a revelation seeing these squirrels mad about conkers as illustrated in the video below.

I don’t know why I always thought squirrels were creatures that loved their nuts.

I suspect it has something to do with the books I read when I was younger and stories I heard that associated squirrels with nuts.

I think one good thing about spending time in nature and taking photographs is you learn new things which you might not have known otherwise.

It is not only nuts and conkers squirrels love. They also love berries as illustrated in the photo below.

Picture of a squirrel in a tree's branches eating berries. Photo by 4toconvertThis was one of the first great shots I got of squirrels with my Fujifilm HS20EXR enjoying wild berries. I had just purchased the camera and I was still trying it out to get to know it a lot better.

Such shots were usually out of the range of my older Fujifilm S5600 bridge camera.

Watch the video above, Mad About Conkers, to see this squirrels mad about conkers. I hope you enjoy this short film I filmed on the spot. My apologies for the shaky video as this was shot on the spur without adequate preparation and equipment like a suitable tripod.


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