Image of a spider web encrusted with droplets of water, resembling a necklace with diamonds. Photo by 4toconvert

Keep Shooting

Hey guys just a short note to say that I am still around and encouraging you to keep shooting.

Even when I am not blogging due to constraints elsewhere, I always have my camera with me and I am still shooting and learning and hopefully taking it to the next level.

image of a ball of green weed in a round shape with red spikes growing from it. The spikes have droplets of water clinging to it. It is set against a green background. Photo by 4toconvert

It has been a great opportunity for me to get out of the house and shoot over the last few days. It is autumn here in the UK. The weather has not been great: we had some mist the other day and I managed to get some great photos.

The sun has not been out for a while but these are good conditions to shoot in because it is like having the sky as a giant softbox providing lovely soft light which is ideal for us photographers.

It has also been a good time to do some macro photography as the photos in this article illustrate. I recently got some macro filters and they have allowed me to get in that much closer.

I couldn’t do that before because I use a bridge camera and I can’t change lens or get a dedicated macro lens to capture photos at at ratio of 1:1 or something close to that.

weed with water droplets profile 4toconvert

But that is not a hindrance. I work around my limitations in the best way possible. So there is no excuse for not doing what you would love to do. Work with what you have and make the most of it.

The best camera is the one you have. Dear friends, keep shooting and sharing your beautiful pictures. As they say, “a bad workman blames his tools”. So there is no excuse for you and me.

I may not be active and commenting but I am seeing your work popping up in my inbox. Though I am not here physically, my eye is on your work. I wish you all the best. I’ll be back!

a snail with a cream whell with maroon stripes crawls on the underside of a leaf. Photo by 4toconvert


2 thoughts on “Keep Shooting

    1. hahahahahaha thanks for the link and the comment.

      True an intrepid snail mind send a shiver down the spine of many a gardner @winterbourneblog. On the other hand it is a matter of perspective. A gardener’s nightmare is a macro photographer’s paradise.


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