Image of a red leaf on a white background. Photograph by 4toconvert

Autumn is knocking on the door

Who can forget the Ode to Autumn? That season of mists…. Autumn is with us and knocking on the door.

I love autumn. It reminds me of Africans who love to dress in beautiful colours. They remind me of the leaves leaves on trees that take on different hues and making the world beautiful, bursting with colour.

It reminds me of the final hours of a party but when everyone is trying to make sure they enjoy those dying moments.

image of a tree with yellow, red, orange and brown colours. Photograph by 4toconvert

The ground is covered by a rich carpet of leaves and conkers from the chestnut trees lining the paths in the park drop and explode from their shells and lie strewn in the grass.

A path in a park lined by chestnut trees. brown and drying leaves carpet the grass. Photograph by 4toconvert.

The world is alive with shadows and light creating contrast and modelling the landscape. Oh she looks so beautiful.

Every now and again, the sun comes out to play and reminds us of what we missed during summer and what is to come.

Image of a yellow flower on a stem with green leaves and little purple berries. Photograph by 4toconvert.

But as a photographer with autumn knocking on the door, I am going to let her in and let her bare her soul naked and snap away before she departs on her journey for a year.

Enjoy autumn.


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