Image of a dried, curled up leaf reflected on a reflective surface. Image credited to the 4toconvert.

Work? Optional!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:

If money was optional would I still work? Now that depends on your definition of work. If work is what I term modern day slavery where we have simply exchanged our physical shackles for mental ones and golden handcuffs, then no.

I would not work a single day. I would simply follow my heart and do what I love doing. That is reading books, writing taking photographs like the one below and enjoying music.

Insect on table 4toconvert

I am fortunate that my “work” involves writing, taking photographs and making videos. I spend all day blogging, creating content for our social media platforms and chatting online.

That is a way of life for me and I don’t call it work. I do what I love and it gives me great satisfaction. Money is not the objective but personal fulfilment is.

I don’t really get why people go insane over useless pieces of papers. If food ran out we would not be able to eat money.

So the whole thing about money really eludes me. And I don’t understand people who do jobs they hate simply to make money. That is my idea of hell.

If people were not so obsessed with money, I could do without it.

If money was optional, I would continue living life through my lens taking photos of everything I find beautiful and love. I feel like I could take photographs of the sun rising or setting like the one below because it is such a beautiful sight.

Image of the setting sun: the sky is blue and white with hints of red. Image attributed to the 4toconvert.

I would barter my services for things that I need and grow food. I would have more time to do things for myself. I would travel the world taking photographs, listening to music and reading books.

I don’t think I could live without my camera by my side. It is my friend and my companion on my journey. It goes places with me and we share the memories it captures on its sensor.

It is a pity my Fujifilm HS20EXR cannot talk because it is faithful and trustworthy and has never let me down.

image of a Fujifilm HS20EXR camera with lens fully extended.
The Fujifilm HS20EXR is a bridge camera with DSLR capabilities. This is my main camera that I use to capture photographs. It is the camera that rejuvenated my love for photography and spurred me on to work on improving my craft. Photo taken with a Nokia Lumia.

If money was optional, I would spend my days devoting myself to the mastery of my craft and creating images and projects that fulfil my arty side.


5 thoughts on “Work? Optional!

  1. Glad that you are able to do what you love on a daily basis. I use my DSLR for video mostly, but have been taking pictures using mostly my iPhone 6 plus believe it or not. I might start using my DSLR for photos. Nice post.

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    1. Thanks @lilpickmeup for taking the time to read and leave such beautiful compliments. It is an absolute pleasure doing what you love on a daily basis. I guess if your DSLR works best for video then you should be happy. I sometimes use my phone too. I find that it doesn’t really matter what kind of camera you use. It is your eye for subjects and detail and the story you tell using stills or audio visuals. The best equipment can never compensate for lack of passion or creativity. As a creative, you can use whatever tools you have at your disposal to show what you see and it is not everybody who sees what you see though you might see the same things. I was reading your blog and I can see that we see things in similar ways. I look for things to photograph everyday and it has helped me see the beautiful side of life and the positives. If we focus on the negatives, the world can be a dark and ugly place. But a simple shot of a flower can shift your entire perspective. Enjoy what you do. Not many people get to create a niche capturing beautiful images on an iPhone. I know that you know that camera well and can push its limits to suit your vision. Enjoy.

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      1. I find that being spontaneous is easiest with my iPhone. I have 2 Canon DSLRs that shoot amazing photos. But, often times I’ve got my phone with me. It’s a lot easier to use my phone. I’ve created a niche, as you said. Hey, maybe it can be a great iPhone ad. lol 🙂 Thanks for reading and following me back. I look forward to reading more and seeing more posts from you. Have a great day! 🙂

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      2. I totally get that. Phones offer convenience because they are much more adaptive to situations whereas with cameras you have to choose which mode to shoot in, what ISO, shutter speed and aperture and maybe what lens to use. By that time the moment could be gone. It is also understandable that you can’t always carry your DSLR around so it makes sense.

        LOL you are spot on it could be an iPhone ad. It is a pleasure following you and checking out what you are doing. You are an inspiration. I love your energy.

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