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My Ideal Photography Location

I recently came across this blog indahs: travel story and photography. It is awesome for so many reasons. Her blog that inspired my ideal photography location.

Well, it has to be, it deals with one of my specialities – photography. I read an article she wrote entitled Lost in Gothic Quarter. Apparently, the Gothic Quarter is a location in Spain.

Image source barcelona-guia-practica-turismo-4-4
Image source: barcelona-guia-practica-turismo-4-4

The piece was quite detailed and long. I don’t mind long. In fact, I love it. It evoked a keen sense of place. The descriptions were pretty spot on and I felt like I was there with her taking in the sights and sounds of this enchanting place.

Both the prose and indahs’ photographs brought the place to life. She made me want to visit this Gothic Quarter and get lost there with my camera and enough batteries and memory cards to record a truckload of images.

I would at least want to have the opportunity to create such breathtaking photographs as I saw on indahs’ blog.

Image source:
Image source:

Until I saw the stuff on indahs’ blog, I had never thought about having an ideal place to shoot. Now, the Gothic Quarter is the place I would most love to shoot.

The name of the place is enticing. It kind of captures a place of immense mystery and marvel. The names of the places there are exotic and it sounds like an ideal place to photograph.

In addition, it is one of those places that are steeped in history and mystery which makes it even more enticing. As you can see in the numerous stock images in this article or indahs’ photographs, the architecture is marvellous and begging to be photographed.

I am not sure if it is the illusion of the photographers’ mastery that makes the place feel like it always has this beautiful and soft ambient light that brings the best out of pictures but it looks like a photographer’s heaven.

Plaza Ramón Berenguer III, muralla romana y Capilla Real, en Barrio Gótico.- BARCELONA
Plaza Ramón Berenguer III, muralla romana y Capilla Real, en Barrio Gótico.- BARCELONA

All I know about it is what I read and saw on indahs’ page and the exquisite and breathtaking pictures on that same page. It is picturesque. I want to know more and see more and maybe visit hopefully next summer.

I encourage you to check out indahs’ blog. She has breathtaking pictures taken on her travels around the world and numerous others taken from her acquatic diving in beautiful locations.

If you are keen on getting an insight what equipment other photographers use, indahs has a page detailing all her equipment and links to where you can purchase it.

Who knows, she might inspire you to visit one of the many places she has visited, written about and photographed. In the meantime, let me dream about my ideal photography location – the Gothic Quarter.


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