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“Every person makes a contribution to the world.” Sanskrit Saying

I had other ideas for what I was going to write today but I came across this quote that got me thinking: “Every person makes a contribution to the world”.

I’ll return to it in a second. Firstly, I need to put it into context to make sense of it and how I came across it and why it touched me.

Yesterday, I wrote a blog I Used To Take Crappy Photographs. Karuna from the blog Living, Learning and Letting Go – Lessons on Lessons, took the time to comment, like and read through the article I wrote.

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Karuna understood where I was coming from. And echoed the sentiments I expressed in the article above. I will take the liberty to share the comment:

I can totally relate to what you are saying. I have learned so much, and it is mostly from the errors. I am still a beginner so I still have a lot of photos I’m not happy with, but every so often there is one or more that is incredible!

It is so good when someone gets what you are saying, and where you are coming from. These are the kind of people I love connecting with, knowing that we shall grow together, learn together and become better craftsmen or artists at our chose discipline.

I also know that we shall provide each other with moral support, constructive feedback and we shall inspire each other.

In a sense, we are each playing our part in making a contribution to the world.

This is partly what I love about blogging. It is the ability to connect with someone half way across the world and share your thoughts with like minded people.

If what I write touches or helps someone else, I am happy that it has made a difference to that person.

I am not talking about changing the world. I find pleasure knowing that in my own little way I am making a contribution to the world through photography, blogging, or writing.

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I attended a graduation party over the weekend and had the opportunity to have a photoshoot with my friend’s two daughters.

There is something special about a camera that makes people open to you and show you their good sides.

It is like magic when you show people the photo or photos you took of them. The smile that spreads across their face and the twinkle in their eyes is what makes photography so special.

It can lift people’s moods and like the written word on a page, it can help them escape or re-imagine a different world or reality.

As usual, when someone makes the effort to read, like or comment on my articles, I make it a point to reply and check out what they are doing on their pages and offer them support too.

So, I looked up Karuna’s page to see what Karuna’s blog is all about. From an early glance, I can tell Karuna has an incredible connection with India. Karuna loves photography, learning, nature, etc.

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I also found out that Karuna also has Sanskrit homework. Every week Karuna has homework to write five to ten sentences in Sanskrit and translate them.

It was while I was reading Karuna’s Sanskrit Homework that I stumbled on the quote above, “Every person makes a contribution to the world”.

This is how it appeared on his page but justified to the left:

प्रतिजनः विश्वाय योगदानं करोति ।
Direct translation: Every person for world contribution makes.
Meaning: Every person makes a contribution to the world.

It made perfect sense to me. Out of close to ten quotes this single one, eight words, appealed to me. I totally agree that “Every person makes a contribution to the world”.

I find that the shorter the quote the more powerful it is. Long quotes can be tedious to read or the message can be misinterpreted. But in this short quote, it is succinct that the chances for misinterpretation are slim to none.

In addition, I am interested in the wisdom from different parts of the world and their different ways of looking at the world and appreciating it.

Sometimes we become too concerned with certain aesthetics such as race, gender, class, status, education, post codes, religious domination, etc. that we fail to see how “Every person makes a contribution to the world”.

What we contribute is entirely on our shoulders. Do we help to make the world a better place or are we making it worse? Are we on the side of justice or are we acting in complicity with injustice?

I believe that even with small things such as art, poetry, music or photographs, we can make a difference and play our part in making our contribution to the world as I learned from my fellow blogger Karuna.

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8 thoughts on ““Every person makes a contribution to the world.” Sanskrit Saying

  1. I was so surprised to receive notice of your new post and was delighted with what I found when I read it. I really appreciated your and my interactions too and they are such a good example of how we as bloggers learn from each other. You wrote a beautiful post.

    There is one thing I wanted to mention though. The sentences are based on attitudes I have learned on my spiritual and life journeys and the style of the sentence is influenced by various religious traditions. They also came to my mind because of current world events. So the sentences aren’t Sanskrit quotes. I just composed them and then translated them into the Sanskrit language!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I realized where the misunderstanding came from. You said my assignment was to “write five to ten sentences in Sanskrit and translate them.” It is actually the opposite. Since I don’t have the skill to simply write the sentences, I have to compose them in English and then translate them into Sanskrit! I can see how I could have written that part of my post clearer so I just changed it. Thanks to you, another learning for me.

      Feel free to erase this reply and the second half of the one above if you want to!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I thought I had understood you well and probably didn’t get what you were actually saying. Thanks again for the clarification.

        It seems we are all learning in round about ways. I will update my post to reflect your corrections.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Your comments brought up a memory that happened 15 years ago or so. I had written 3 books about my journey with Amma, my spiritual teacher, and one day someone who had read one or more of those books came up to me and said “How does it feel to be beyond anger?” I was quite startled and asked her what I had said that had led her to believe that was true for me, because it was certainly not the case, then or now. I don’t remember her response but it made for a nice and funny memory. The memory reminds me that people won’t always interpret my words the way I intended. And it also led to a nice conversation with her about anger.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you very much for the beautiful and thoughtful comments. I concur with you on the points you raised above.

      Thanks again for the clarification my wise and learned friend. You have a wise head above your shoulders. It is great to see someone who pays attention to what is happening in the world and tries to make sense of it in a pretty precise and articulate manner. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

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