Image of a black man in a black and white shot dressed in a leather jacket. Photo carries the trademark 4toconvert.

I write because . . .‏

As a child, I loved reading books. I carried a bookcase full of James Hadley Chase books to nursery even if I couldn’t read them. I guess it was all about acting grown up.

At primary school, I devoured the entire library. I read all the Famous Five books, Secret Seven series, Nancy Drew, everything by Enid Blyton, Robert Louis Stevenson, Aesop’s Fables and anything I could lay my hands on.

Naturally, as a child who loved reading, I took to writing to provide an outlet for my fertile imagination. I also stammered as a child so reading and writing provided me with an escape from my predicament.

Since then, I have never looked back and writing became my second nature. Even when I am not writing, my mind is constantly bombarded by words and ideas which I vent out in writing.

If I don’t write, I have withdrawal symptoms like a junkie who needs to get his fix.

So writing to me is my way of communicating and dealing with world. Since that early age, I have always dreamed of been a writer and I have been fortunate to be able to pursue my dream.

Image of a lock on canal holding water back from flowing . Alongside the far bank of the canal are some houses. The picture is credited to the 4toconvert.

Blogging has provided me with an outlet for some of my thoughts that I cannot express in my professional capacity and it is also an escape from the rigidity of academic writing, journalism and business writing.

Here, I don’t have to conform to any standards but my own. I can overwrite or underwrite depending on my mood.

I can write prose or poetry and get away with it and also connect with like minded souls. It also allows me to write about the things I love like books, photography, politics and anything I fancy.

If there is anything that quite captures the essence of why I write, it has to be this poem below I wrote some years ago, I Write, and was published in a poetry anthology.

I write not knowing the shape
Or form these words will take

I write day and night
Because it feels right

I write to express my feelings
And find that elusive meaning image of a narrow path lined by trees and a carpet of grass on both flanks. the image is black and white and the picture is imprinted with the name 4toconvert

I write coz it’s like I’ll die
If I fail to comply

I write for my own enjoyment
I write as a bearer of testament

I write to enlighten the nation
And write for liberation

I write because its essence
Fulfills my existence

I write as the voice of the people
Expressing their irrepressible will

I write to shatter the silence
And condemn systematic violence

I write to keep my light shining
I write because I love writing

I write to free my soul
And fulfill my ultimate goal

I write coz I’m on a mission
To fulfill my vision

I write to develop my talent
And create my own patent.

image of a canal on the foreground lined by trees on the opposite bank and the red glow of the setting sun shining through the leaves. the image is creditrd to the 4toconvert

I guess the poem above captures why I write.


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