Image of Big Ben in Black and white with trademark 4toconvert

The Photography Convert

I am the 4toconvert: pronounced Photoconvert. I am a recent convert to the art or craft of photography. Video and writing are my other loves. I have been taking photos for a few years and have published a few in newspapers, blogs for various charities and organisations.

Although, I was pretty competent at it, I had very little understanding of the technical skills and other tips and tricks about how to take better photos. I had no idea of working in different manual modes. I didn’t know what ISO, shutter speed and aperture really meant in photography.

It was like learning a new language.

However, I have begun a journey to know what I didn’t know. Youtube, reading magazines, blogs and books have been very useful in my reawakening. Hence, I have been converted to the art of taking photos.

This blog combines my love of photography and writing and sharing my experiences which I hope to share with like minded bloggers and readers and photography enthusiasts.

Both photography and writing are storytelling forms: photography involves telling stories with pictures; writing is telling stories using words to create images. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so combining the two art forms allows me to say more while saying less.

Below is an image of Nelson Mandela: I took this at the Southbank Centre in London on a day out. I love taking photos everywhere I go and this iconic image of Mandela says a lot about a legend of a man renowned for his humanity.

image of the bust of Nelson Mandela at the Southbank Centre, West London in the UK. Logo on the photo reads 4toconvert

I am here to share practical tips that I am learning on this journey. I believe that there are plenty of people like me who are competent photographers but have no idea how easy it is to improve their knowledge and skills using simple techniques, apps or gear.

I am still at the beginning of my journey and I am building my kit. Therefore, I am going to do some product reviews breaking down various accessories or gear that I use along this journey.

Most of it is accessible because it is not expensive and I try to demystify the myth that you need expensive gear to be a good or professional photographer.

I wish I knew what I know now because I had to learn the hard way. So if I can simplify things for a budding photographer, I will be happy.

I am keen to connect with photographers (novices, enthusiasts, advanced users and professionals), and exchange constructive feedback and tips. I believe I can learn from everyone and they can also learn a lot from me.

Although I have another blog, thegatvolblogger on WordPress, I am taking this Blogging 101 course to find out what I might not know and I hope to apply what I learn to grow this blog and use those techniques on my other blog which is pretty well established.

I dived into the deep end of blogging, swam with the tide, and learnt the hard way, so I am always looking for new ways to improve what I do and have fun and experiment along the way.

Image of the water fountain in Trafalgar Square overlooking the South African Embassy and at the foot of Nelson's Column.

I guess the other objective of having this blog is to grow it until I become a recognised expert in this niche and hopefully attract customers and get some freelance jobs.

I needed a place to show people my work online and I thought a blog is a good starting place. I also have a Facebook page 4toconvert which also showcases my work and I can direct people who want to view my portfolio.

It doesn’t make much sense these days to call yourself a photographer but you don’t have an online platform where people can view your portfolio.

However, I don’t always have people to photograph, so on days like that I take architectural photos, macro photography, self portraits, landscapes or anything I find beautiful to hone my craft and improve the understanding of my camera’s various functions.

My cover picture showcasing Big Ben and the water fountain in Trafalgar Square above illustrates what I am referring to above as does the statue of Nelson Mandela. I will post more pictures to shed more light about my work.

Join me on this journey and let’s discover what we don’t know together. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to subscribe to my blog.


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